Fri 30 Aug 2024

DJ Spoony, So Solid Crew & more!


Age Restriction – 16+

DJ Spoony Presents: Garage Classical at Dreamland Margate.

Prepare to be transported back to the golden age of UK garage as the iconic DJ Spoony, one of the genre’s pioneering maestros, brings the groundbreaking ‘Garage Classical’ to Dreamland Margate. After unforgettable shows at some of the UK’s most revered venues, including a sold-out sensation at the Royal Albert Hall, this legendary ensemble is set to grace the iconic amusement park.


Teaming up with the unparalleled talents of Garage Classical, and championed by the illustrious Ignition Orchestra under the baton of the brilliant composer and conductor Katie Chatburn, this is a show that reimagines the classics like never before.


Joining DJ Spoony on this nostalgic musical journey are some of the most illustrious names from the garage universe: the indomitable So Solid Crew and Heartless Crew, the soulful Shola Ama, the melodious Elisabeth Troy and Kele Le Roc, the evocative Lifford, the vibrant Nay Nay, the rhythmic prowess of Thomas Jules, the electrifying Riche Dan, the unforgettable MC Rankin, and the versatile Asa.


Set against the whimsical backdrop of Dreamland Margate, this event promises a seamless blend of classic garage tunes reworked with an orchestral twist, unexpected collaborations, and moments that will make your heart race. Come and revel in the nostalgia, dance to the rhythm, and witness the evolution of UK garage at this once-in-a-lifetime event. Book now and be part of the magic as Garage Classical and DJ Spoony make waves in Margate!


DJ Spoony

So Solid Crew

Heartless Crew

Shola Ama

Elizabeth Troy

Kele le Roc


Thomas Jules

Richie Dan

MC Rankin



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Maxwell D

Fri 30 Aug 2024

DJ Spoony, So Solid Crew & more!

Fri 30 Aug 2024
DJ Spoony, So Solid Crew & more!

Dreamland, Margate


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